No Upfront DMS Software Fees & No Long Term Contracts

Familiar Applications To Work With

AMCAN Cloud Servers have all the applications you need to do business pre installed. And don’t worry, we will do all the setup for you!!!

We have spent a lot of time deciding what basic applications are needed to run your business while keeping costs low. AMCAN has pre loaded software that can be used in harmony with the AMCAN Xperience DMS such as.

Google Drive— Drive provides our clients with features such as document and spreadsheet creation though Google Docs And Google Sheets, All Google Applications provide our clients with the ability to work with MS Office documents without the high cost of buying Office for each user. It also provides Cloud based storage for all your business needs that can be accessed from your desktop, your laptop or your Mobile Device. Google Drive Sync Allows you to Keep your local files Synced with the Cloud.

Open Office— Open Office provides our users with an alternative to MS Office for our Current and Future clients that prefer an application with the look and feel of a standard office application. It has all the power of MS Office without the Cost. Use it to Data Mine, Create Spreadsheets, Design and operate Email campaigns while connecting to your Xperience Customer database.

Windows Live Mail— Live Mail allows users to manage Multiple Email and Calendars from their managed desktop or their Mobile device. Use Hot Mail or Gmail accounts along with your Business Email accounts in the same application, allowing better control over you communications.

Windows Defender— Defender provides protection from Viruses and Hackers in this ever changing environment. Defender along with our Enterprise Firewall Services protect you from Threats 24 hours a day.

Bring Your Own Software— Have Software that you use daily that you need to use with your new Cloud System? Speak to us about the applications if they are compatible and you have the Licenses we will move them to the Cloud