No Upfront DMS Software Fees & No Long Term Contracts

Spend Your Time Managing Your Business…Not Your IT.

Our New Cloud Based Systems Provide The Dealer With A Completely Managed Desktop For Every User Without the

Hassle Of Buying Servers and Expensive Hardware. No More Server Upgrading or Surprise Maintenance Costs

What Is The AMCAN Cloud Managed DMS?

Here at AMCAN we take great pride in offering Enterprise solutions to small and Medium sized businesses. Most of our dealers would agree that the cost of maintaining their own networks and servers is a heavy burden on their bottom line. When we decided to move into the era of cloud computing we had to make a lot of decisions on what we would offer to our ever changing client base.

Do we offer just our DMS / ERP solutions thru a browser on the clients own computing infrastructure? Do we make our clients purchase additional / new hardware and add on software such as word processing software, anti virus and backup software? 

Do we offer our software on multiple platforms such as Windows, Android And Apple or do we force users to be tied to windows desktops and browsers?

All of these questions had to be addressed in order to provide the best solution to offer to a client base with very different needs.

A Solution To Meet Every Ones Needs

After a lot of investigation and input from our clients we heard a common theme among them… 

“We Just Want A Service That Covers All Of Our Needs”.

After 18 months of Design & Development and Beta Testing we have the solution that our client base is demanding. 

The AMCAN DMS Managed Desktop. It is a completely managed desktop experience that can be accessed on

any pre-existing hardware in a clients business along with any Windows, Apple Or Android Device from anywhere in the world.

It is Easy to use, Affordable And Secure.